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How to Hypnotize Women

One day my friend Jack was very sad.
- Why are you so sad, Jack? – I asked
- I want to love, but I can’t communicate with girls… I`m too shy for it! – he cried in despair.

I felt sorry for Jack because of this thing and I decided to help him at any cost. I started looking for any way for men to learn how to communicate with women, how to invite them for a date, but there was not a one really useful advice on the Internet.And, you won`t guess, I had found a great thing. I was very surprised that the way I was looking for a long time had turned out very easy! It was hypnotism. Hypnotism for men.

Hypnotize Beautiful Women

I told about it to Jack, and we started to learn more. Soon we knew a lot of interesting things about teaching men communication with women and now I will tell you everything we know. It will help you in the future as it has helped Jack for the past time.

The first hypnotic thing we had understood is very easy — be relaxed. Do you already have a girl of your dream? Excellent, now is the time to think about her, all alone.

Turn on your favorite relax music and lie down on the sofa. Close your eyes and imagine the figure of the woman of your dream. Have you not introduced yourself to her yet? Do you fear to talk with her? Play back all your fears about this, don’t worry – now you are alone and nobody can disturb you.

Think over all of it for about 5 minutes and after start to imagine another picture. All your fears go away by leaps and bounds and you see in your imagination the best outcome of the problems. Did you fear to meet with this woman? No problem, imagine you approach her and meet. Or maybe you thought she is inaccessible person? Nothing of the kind, she is the most sociable person you ever see, remember!

A useful way to apply this technique in practice. Do the excercise then the next time you see a girl notice any changes in your behaviour. This way your unconsious will have the new information. Then —  repeat the pattern. Keep noticing and repeating until you get there.

Open your eyes after this self-hypnotic session and breathe deeply. You feel the burst of power and energy, don`t you? I think yes. Congratulations, it was the most important part in this hypnotic part! You can do it again, even twice a day. The self-hypnotic sessions don`t have any disadvantages. But it has a rule – don`t hurry, be relaxed.

Some days later you`ll understand the time for action has come. Stand up and go straight to the woman of you dream. All the work you did must be crowned with success!
When you see the woman, try and remember all your feelings you feel during self-hypnotic session. Don`t forget the rule: be relaxed and uninhibited. You are you and the world is revolving round. You have forgotten your fears and remember only good feelings, only success. The woman is a human as you. Go forward!

And you`ll be happy as my friend Jack is.

by Nadia

Find tips on easily and relaxedly learning and hypnotizing anyone who has a brain. Enjoy and have fun with overview of hypnotism, principles and guideline, and most important the step-by-step how-to’s.